This scanned image comes from the manual for a black and white 12" portable TV manufactured by a company called 'elizabethan'. Now if, like me, you are old enough to remember those old portable black and white TV's you will know it was hard enough to get any decent sort of reception in your front room. To get a good picture you would have to stand on one leg precariously balancing a coat hanger on your shoulder or something like that. But not with this particular model as will see. Apparently you could get great reception even when charging around in your speedboat.

This manual struck me as particularly dumb for another reason too. I mean it's not really a smart move to watch the telly whilst driving your speedboat is it ? The 2 nutters in this picture were probably quite oblivious to the fact they had just ran over a "swimmer".

And just check out this next pic. Amazing quality reception even in the middle of a FOREST !!! . Even more incredible as there is no lead attaching it to the car battery and the model had no capacity for internal batteries.