Original manual available.

This manual is for - Johnson J20 developing tank
Details - Original and very hard to find. Instruction Sheets for Johnsons of Hendon J-20 (120/620)Film Developing Tanks. Both sets measure 6" x 4.1/2" in size, and are printed in black/white. The instructions for the J-20 Tank are 15 pages and deal with everything you need to know when developing size 20 films in these tanks. The Development Times Table deals with films and developers that are long since gone (Gevaert Panchromosa & Azol)to name but a few. The shorter leaflet deals with Two-Way-Agitation in Johnson Tanks and is only 2 pages. Both sets of instructions have been folded/creased at one time or another (see photo)presumably when they were included with the original tank/box etc. The J-20 Instructions were stapled together at one time, but these have been removed.
Condition of manual(s) - pretty good
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